Some Advantages and Disadvantages of OEM Catalytic Converters

OEM catalytic converters are what most manufacturers want you to purchase when you need to replace one. As many already know, OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. They are the parts sold under their brand name. You get to pay a brand name price for the privilege also. When many people have to replace a catalytic converter, they get a bit of sticker shock since the prices for a single one is staggering. When you purchase an OEM model, you are just replacing the one you have with a very similar model. There are other options in the market today.

OEM Catalytic Converters

What are the pluses to using OEM catalytic converters? You can get a part that will fit the exact model of car you have. There is no extra fitting necessary or any extra welding. You can get an OEM from the dealer or from many auto stores with no issues. Some people have the ability to change out one of these converters themselves. Most of the OEM models come with a full warranty if installed correctly. Many car owners want that extra bit of assurance that this expensive piece of equipment has some extra coverage in case of problems.

What are the minuses of using OEM catalytic converters? Many stock catalytic converters can get extremely hot while the vehicle runs. This can make it dangerous to touch after you stop. If you need to make repairs under the vehicle, you have to wait until it cools down. They also have a high rate of theft because they come with certain precious metals inside which help with the conversion of the gases. Some people choose to run without a converter and claim the vehicle reactions faster than with it on. But, they are also taking a chance that law enforcement will fine them for not having one. And those fines are steep in many states.

There are ways to save money when replacing OEM catalytic converters. You can purchase a used one from a reputable used parts dealer. It will cost a fraction of what a new one does. You can get these parts off the internet as well. By looking for alternative sources for the catalytic converter, you can save a chunk of money. If you purchase one new from a dealer, you will be paying a premium on top of your replacement cost. Put your money to better use.