Catalytic Converters – Some Basic Information

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A catalytic converter is a device used to remove toxic pollutants from an internal combustion engine. It was invented in the early 1950’s in response to the smog problems Los Angeles was suffering from even then; however, the first mass-produced catalytic converter was developed in 1973. For much of the past 30 years, catalytic converters have been a staple on automobiles since the Environmental Protection Agency started tightening restrictions on the pollution of car exhaust fumes. Several states have further guidelines on air pollution when it comes to cars and actually require car owners to pass an emissions test in order to obtain a vehicle sticker for that year.

Catalytic Converter

Until about 1981, trucks and cars were manufactured with catalytic converters that performed two functions: Oxidize carbon monoxide (turning it into carbon dioxide), and oxidize hydrocarbons to turn them into relatively harmless carbon dioxide and water. This was perfectly fine, until nitrous oxide also needed to be dealt with in later years. Since 1981, emissions control systems in automobiles have three-way catalytic converters. These three-way converters take care of not only carbon monoxide and leftover hydrocarbons, but also nitrous oxide, turning it into nitrogen and oxygen via redox reaction.

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What is Pirelli Discount Tires for Trucks?


Pirelli Discount Tires for Trucks offer a wide range in variety in tires for trucks. Pirelli which is an Italian firm is a company for manufacturing tires. It is considered to be the fifth largest tire manufacturing company in the world. It is the leader in manufacturing premium tires in the world. This company manufactures tires with the best technology and high assortment segments. Pirelli was found in the year 1872 and today it has its tire manufacturing plants spread over four continents and handling the wide spread sales in more than 160 countries all over the world.

Pirelli Discount Tires

It produces tires with putting an emphasis on stability of the tires, changing or adverse climatic conditions and also combining the safety measures. Its main focus was on the ultra-high performance tires for trucks. This company was selected for supply of the tires in the FIA Formula One World Championship in the year 2011. This Italian leading company has been involved in the motor sport races for more than a decade now. The Pirelli Discount Tires for Trucks offers discounts and offers which enables the buyer to buy the tires at a lower price.

About Pirelli Discount Tires for Trucks

This company offers various kinds of discounts to the customers which attracts them to buy the tires from them and because of which it has become the world’s leading tire seller and manufacturer. The Pirelli Company has compiled various kinds of brands such as good year, Han kook, Dunlop, Bridgestone and many other brands which offer a wide variety to the truck drivers.

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