How to Use Aftermarket Catalytic Converter – The Factors to Consider in the Process

If you want to know how to use aftermarket catalytic converter to increase performance, you need to look at the entire system. Many people think that installing an aftermarket converter will give them significant performance enhancements. However, there are other less costly changes you can make that will give you bigger impact on your performance. You can add a cold air intake or a street header and get more impact. You might also consider a cat-back exhaust to reduce pressure inside the catalytic converter. All of these have a lower cost than a converter and give you more impact.

Aftermarket Catalytic Converters

If you need to know how to use aftermarket catalytic converter because your old one is shot, then it is a good way to save money. OEM versions of the catalytic converter usually can cost several times what an aftermarket one will. When you look online at the cost of an OEM version, you may be startled at the final price. You can find aftermarket products that cost less than $100. Their OEM counterparts can cost several hundred dollars. It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using these converters before you make a purchase, however.

Another factor in how to use aftermarket catalytic converter is making sure your car is in good shape. Sometimes a catalytic converter receives damage because the engine is not performing, as it should. Before you replace any catalytic converter, it is very important to make sure your engine is running right. If your engine is putting out too much nitrous dioxide gas, it can cause significant damage in any catalytic converter you install. While you may save a great deal of money by using an aftermarket converter, you may lose that if you do not repair the original cause of the problem in the first place.

A final factor in how to use aftermarket catalytic converter is your state’s laws. California is the big issue when it comes to catalytic converters. California has strict standards on what types of catalytic converters they allowed on vehicles within its residents own. Many aftermarket converters do not meet California’s strict standards. In fact, California restricts the purchase of aftermarket converters in many cases. Make sure you understand the laws in your area before you make a purchase of an aftermarket converter. These factors are significant in taking advantage of an aftermarket converter. Saving money is one thing to consider, but there are others.