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Catalytic Converter Problems

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While catalytic converters have played a role in reducing tailpipe emissions in automobiles, they’re not without their share of problems.  Catalytic converter problems are well-documented, and the major ones can render the converter useless.  Since the converter relies primarily on precious metals inside the working parts, these metals make the converters ripe for being stolen.  […]

Used Catalytic Converters – Get One Instead Of Buying New

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If you’re having problems with your catalytic converter, you could take it in for an adjustment. However, if an adjustment won’t fix the problem, you may need to repair or replace your catalytic converter. Repairing a catalytic converter is not cheap, and replacing one isn’t either. Therefore, if you do need to replace your catalytic […]

High Flow Catalytic Converters


While regular catalytic converters are quite effective, they often restrict the flow of exhaust. This can rob the car of valuable power. For car enthusiasts, there is a balance that must be struck with maximizing power while minimizing the possibility that customization may make the car illegal to be on the street. This is where […]

Catalytic Converters – Some Basic Information

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A catalytic converter is a device used to remove toxic pollutants from an internal combustion engine. It was invented in the early 1950’s in response to the smog problems Los Angeles was suffering from even then; however, the first mass-produced catalytic converter was developed in 1973. For much of the past 30 years, catalytic converters […]